Currently based in Espinho Portugal, I’m teaching at esad Matosinhos/Porto, regularly visit clients in Lisbon and occasionally travel through the world.

The easiest way to contact me is through e-mail, and I will gladly follow up according to the specific needs.

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What are cookies?

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The cookies used on this website do not collect personal information to identify the user. Their use is done solely to improve the navigation performed by users, capturing their behaviours, tastes and interests globally.

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Cookies operation

In general and as already noted, cookies are used to enhance the user’s browsing experience, increasing the speed and response efficiency of the website.

The information collected about navigation on this website, such as the most visited pages, the user’s location (research, third-party recommendation, ads or campaigns) and if your visits resulted on a contact.

The information collected by cookies is not available to third parties, except when required by law (state bodies or law enforcement agencies). However, if you do not want the website data stored on your device (computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet), there are ways to block some or all cookies and delete all those who have been saved. If you want to delete this website cookies or block the future storage of cookies, please be aware that you may not have access to certain areas/interactive tools.

The different types of cookies

Analytical cookies: They are used to analyze how users use the website. These cookies are used only for the purpose of statistics creation and analysis, never to collect personal information, always to provide a high quality experience.

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Expiration of cookies

Permanent cookies: They are stored at the web browser level on your access device (computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet) and are used whenever you make a new visit to the website. They are usually used to direct the navigation according to the user’s interests, allowing to provide a more customized service.

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How can you manage cookies?

All Internet browsers allow the user to accept, decline or delete cookies, by selecting the appropriate settings in sections such as history, security or privacy, on the appropriate web browser.

Cookies in the opening of newsletter and emails

Newsletters and emails may contain a small image for statistical purposes, which allow us to know if they are open and to check clicks through links or ads in the newsletter. The user always has the possibility to disable sending the newsletter or email through the specific option at the bottom of the newsletter or emails.

Embedded content in our website

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Our website also uses social media sharing tools, such as Facebook or Twitter. When you click one of these buttons, a cookie can be activated for the service you chose to use.

Be wornd that this website does not control these cookies, therefore please refer to the relevant websites for more information.

For what cookies are NOT USED for

Understand that the cookies used on this website do not collect information that identifies you or any personal information, such as personally identifiable info, email addresses, passwords or credit card info.

The information these cookies collect does not allow personal identification of users, nor allow to monitor your browsing activity on other websites.

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The cookies law is the common name given to the European Directive of e-Privacy adapted to Portugal in Law 46/2012, effective as of August 30th.

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